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Don’t struggle on your own. Get lasting results you never thought possible with expert nutrition coaching and accountability from our Kaizo X trainers.


You’re tired of “quick fix” programs

If you’ve tried something before and “failed” — or just can’t stick with it — know that you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. After all, self-directed training and nutrition programs fail 98 percent of the time. Not to mention, after many years in the fitness industry, we’ve seen dozens of diet and exercise fads come and go. That’s why we don’t follow fads. Instead, we’ll teach you doable daily actions that are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. Bottom line: we’ll help you make fitness and nutrition a part of your life, without it taking over.

You want an expert to hold you accountable 

Nothing worth doing can be done alone. That’s why we work closely with our clients to help them eat well and exercise, no matter what other craziness is going on in their lives. You’re busy and have enough to worry about; let us take care of the fitness and nutrition details so you don’t have to.

personalized training. personalized results.

You want to get stronger and healthier

This program is for people who want to lose weight and body fat, build physical strength and confidence, get results that last, and get off the diet roller-coaster once and for all. We won’t give you a crazy diet or exercise program to follow; instead, we’ll help you build habits that will get you results that last forever.

On-demand virtual Training

Easy-to-Follow Training

Our interactive online training platform has everything you need to easily follow our programs. We use TrueCoach where you’ll get access to your program, exercise demonstrations, and more from any computer, phone, or tablet.  You can easily follow along on the go in your own gym and log your workouts. 

24/7 Access

24/7 online access to the Kaizo X TrueCoach Training App from your phone, tablet, or computer 

Full exercise video library to learn the exercises and progress or modify your program 

Built-in Accountability

Our goal with our online platform is to not only provide you with a great training program, but also add an accountability component to help keep you on track. After all, consistency is key to get the results you want. 

You will have one of our coaches meet with you online to establish goals, lifting experience, injury history, and establish your training schedule. 

Convenient Access. Breakthrough Results.


Individualized Program; Group Motivation

Our small group program is designed to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are looking for advanced training.


Our small group training programs are for those looking to maximize their results, take their fitness to the next level, or need a more economic option. Clients start off with an individualized assessment. This allows us to create the perfect customized program based on your goals, needs, and current ability.

Lasting Benefits

We help you achieve your goals through a program that can be customized for any age or ability level. We focus on combining mobility, agility, strength, power, and endurance into one complete program.

Each time you come in, our coaches will help you through your unique program in a small group environment. There will be a few other clients performing their own program too, but it is important to us to keep the group small. This makes our environment fun and dynamic, while still allowing us to offer you plenty of individualized attention. We’ll advance your program for you about every 4 weeks depending on how well you are doing.

customized. REAL. advantages.

Still have questions?

We’ll share some videos on how our programs work,
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Remove Your Pain to Realize Your Gain

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benefits of Coaching with Kaizo X

To get in shape, you’ll need to be consistent.
To be consistent, you’ll need help.

Lose weight, build strength, and have more energy.

I always start with your needs and goals. Then we’ll work together to develop a plan to help you eat, move, and live better—in a way that works for your body, and your life.

Get the support you need—every step of the way.

I’ll remove all the guesswork and provide the accountability, direction, and support you need to stay consistent, no matter what life throws at you. We’re in this together.

Achieve your goals—even when life gets crazy.

I’ll break your big goals into small daily practices that add up to massive changes. As a result, you’ll progress toward your goals without ever feeling overwhelmed, and build habits that last a lifetime.

Health benefits beyond weight loss.

My science-based coaching method does more than just teach you how to eat better. In the end, it won’t be just about what you lose, but what you’ll gain: knowledge, control, and the confidence that comes with knowing you’re capable of anything.

No more weird diets or unrealistic workouts.

You don’t have to go to extremes to get amazing results. I’ll help you achieve your goals without flipping your life upside down.

One-on-one coaching done right.

No cookie-cutter programs here. I will create a personalized plan that’s tailored specifically to your goals, needs, and preferences. At $250/month, personal coaching is finally affordable. And it just works. Why? Because I am committed to helping you get into the shape you want.

Training Done Right

Ready to Get Started?


Our programs not only improve your mobility but help you regain the strength you had before your injury.


When recovering from an injury, stretching and focusing on mobility is key to ensuring that you perform safely.


We utilize the Functional Movement Screen to build strength while avoiding potentially harmful movements.

Pricing Plans

*Multiple Session Discounts Available

What They’re asking – FAQS

Do I need previous experience in strength training?

Absolutely not! Our coaches are able to modify the workouts based on your level and or any acute/chronic injuries.  

How long do the programs last?

The programs can be performed anywhere from 1-4x per week based on your schedule. For optimal results, we recommend you perform the program 3 times per week. If you are new to training, you can start at 2x per week and move up when you feel more comfortable. 

What if I’m currently injured?

The programs can be performed anywhere from 1-4x per week based on your schedule. For optimal results, we recommend you perform the program 3 times per week. If you are new to training, you can start at 2x per week and move up when you feel more comfortable. 

How long do the workouts take?

All of the workouts are designed to be able to complete in an hour. You may find that in the first week of any new month you take a little longer because you have to learn a new warm-up and new exercises and that’s totally fine.  

Can I workout extra if I want to?

We suggest you try not to add any strength training to the workouts prior to consulting us as we have designed the workouts based on what you can do and how much time you are able to dedicate to fitness. If you overload a certain area, it may limit you in future progressions. Other fitness activities, like running, cycling, and yoga are great additions.  If you want to do anything additional to these workouts, we will gladly help you map out your program to fit your needs. 

What if I’m just getting back into fitness?

We customize the program to meet you at your current level of fitness. We will always go by how you are feeling and if something is to hard or too easy we will modify it!

Can I do Personal Training and Group Training?

Yes! We have some clients who like the group aspect of training but also what more individualized attention or it just works better for their schedule.  

How much weight should I use?

We preach slow & steady wins the race. We are not out to set new PR’s right off the bat. We will start light and make sure that form is never compromised. When in doubt start light and ramp up. Our coaches will help you decide when it’s appropriate for you to increase weight based on form, how you are feeling, difficulty of the exercise etc… 

How long does the program last?

The programs typically last 3 months for each phase. We try to keep each phase of training fun and exciting while still focusing on the movements that bring lasting results.

I’ve been training some time now, would this program enough for me?

We create the program based on what your goals are and your level of experience. That way, we ensure that you are always moving in the right direction while still improving mobility, power, endurance, strength and body composition.  

What They’re saying – Testimonials

The staff at the Fairfax location are really professional and informative. They were able to identify the reason for my different pain points and talked me through the process of correcting each issue. Already after a week I’m starting to feel a difference! Everyone on staff that I’ve encountered has been very friendly, I definitely recommend giving them a try!

Gerald H.

Kaizo has been my go-to for all recovery needs since 2017 (thank God I found Kaizo when I did!). Their service, kindness, and passion is what keeps me coming back year after year. I recommend you step into Kaizo and begin the journey of feeling your best self because I’m happy to be a returning student once again!

Hugo G.

I first started with Lothar with physical issues due to practicing dentistry for 38 years. He thoroughly evaluated me and set out a detailed plan of helping me regain lost mobility and fitness. I can definitely say that I’ve had a terrific experience with Lothar and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone, regardless of age.

Mark G.

Lothar has a very balanced approach to ensuring strength & mobility are maintained and enhanced. Starting with my initial assessment we have methodically focused on range of motion and asymmetries specific to my body. I can frankly say I’m much stronger now than when I first started with him about 4 years ago. Highly recommend working with Lothar to anyone looking to build strength in a systematic and consistent manner.

Brinda D

Not only did Lothar play a key role in my rehab after a severe neck injury, his programs have brought me to a level of strength and fitness I have never experienced before. Lothar is a fantastic trainer, and the care he puts into his programs are obvious.

Bill W.